Multimedia Developer • UX Researcher

I'm a multimedia developer from Ottawa, Canada who focuses on bridging together the creative elements of design and the logical components of development. I have a degree in Interactive Multimedia & Design, and a Masters of Applied Science Human Computer Interaction Engineering from Carleton University.


UX/UI Design

Experience in designing and developing both user interfaces and entire user experiences. Have focused on user-centered design and constant user-testing. Conducted large user-experience research projects as a part of my thesis in Human-Computer Interaction at Carleton University. I want users to be able to play games and use systems as easily as possible while still having a great time doing so.

Web Development

Developed and designed a variety of websites and web applications. Have experience doing small, one-page, websites as well as participating in the updating and creation of large coorporate and government websites. Have experience with all the basic languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) on top of countless tools and libraries commonly used in the industry today (Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap).

Unity 2D/3D

Have developed both 2D and 3D games from scratch in a number of genres including racing games, party games, multiplayer board games, and innovative games using non-standard methods of input. Experience with most tools within Unity and many common plugins. Can develop for a multitude of platforms including PC, iPhone, and Android. I also have experience developing virtual reality applications and games.